GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Aside from a brief cool down on Monday May 9, temperatures will swing back up into the warm/very warm category through the middle of this week.

Average high temperatures for early May are low/middle 70 degrees. Moving through the short term forecast (through this Wednesday) temperatures will be running above those averages. There is a responsible west coast low pressure systems that appears to remain anchored over California. This will be another driving factor in the dusty conditions of late. This set up, similar to the PACNW systems that avoided the Western Slope all weekend/last week, will guarantee strong wind speeds and dry conditions. That low will eventually move through the region after Wednesday. Temperatures and wind speeds will lower briefly in response for Thursday of this week. That drop in temperatures should put many locations at the seasonal average for just that day. The warmth returns for the upcoming weekend, the region goes void of storm activity and the wind speeds will push into the breezy category (15-35 mph) with a clear pattern.