Saturday, September seventeenth the city of Grand Junction hired eleven artists to add their art to the Riverfront Trail. This is something that happens every couple of years keeping fresh art in the path of locals out and about. This tradition was inspired by Super Rad Art Jam, a nonprofit art organization in Grand Junction. The murals are a way to beautify the trails, create and positive activity to drive out negative.

It’s not just about what the murals do for the Riverfront Trail and for the city of Grand junction, but also what it offers local artists. Offering some young muralists new opportunities. One of the murals near Los Colonias was done by Kacia Kucera whose mural is under the fifth street overpass is a student at CMU and is relatively new to the Grand Junction art scene.

For other artists, it was a chance to continue a history of memorializing a fallen friend. Jeremy Velasquez has repainted another of the section under the fifth street overpass several times since 2016 to keep other submissions from covering up his friend’s memory.

other murals were just fun ideas. Artist Cierra Applegate told KREX the origin of her mural, the final of the three under fifth street, “My boyfriend’s mom is actually a librarian at CMU so she had the idea to do the bookcliffs as books, so I took that idea and ran with it and yeah here we are.”

These murals were done by local artists for the benefit of everyone who uses the riverfront trail. All but one of the Artists selected were local to the Western Slope. Many of the murals are done, and the others soon will be, but art in Western Slope continues to move forward.

The other artist and their mural locations are:

  • Almost Paints/Joe Anderson: Redlands Parkway No. 1 and No. 2.
  • Wes Abarca: Ridges 1 (Colorado Highway 340 W. /Broadway, right before Canary Lane).
  • Sarah Wandzilack: Ridges 2 (Colorado Highway 340 W. /Broadway, right before Canary Lane).
  • Sam Ontiveros: No Thoroughfare South (under Highway 340 and Monument Road).
  • Mia Stone: No Throughfare N. (under Highway 340 and Monument Road).
  • Rachel Osborne: Highway 340 E. (Near Duck Pond Park off Ridges Boulevard).
  • Heidl Hasenauer: Highway 340 S. (Near Duck Pond Park off Ridges Boulevard).
  • Jonathan Purdy: Highway 340 N. (Near Duck Pond Park off Ridges Boulevard).

There are still other opportunities for murals and other art for the city. To find out how to submit your art for consideration go to Arts & Culture | Grand Junction, CO (