GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Air Force vet and nurse practitioner, Jason Gleason wants you to know why nurses are an essential link to our health care system.

“There are 4.2 million of us across the country coast to coast taking care of Americans, and really preventing death, crushing disease, preventing diseases or at least limiting their impact on people” Gleason stated.

That was never clearer than at the height of the pandemic where every single nurse played a role in restoring a sense of a normalcy to the community during stressful times. times when some even protested and yelled at nurses. Gleason says a thank you will suffice during nurse appreciation week.

Gleason added, “A simple thank you. You know just a simple thank you to recognize them for our service to the country, because their service to our country is just as important as those who serve in the military.”

So, what makes a nurse so special? Glad you asked.

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“We connect with our patients on where they’re at in their life. Just connect with them as a human being and tap into the essence of who they are. Then we empower them with the tools and resources and everything they need to knock out diseases and crush disabilities and live their best life” Gleason mentioned.

Everyone knows a nurse is loving, caring, and passionate, but many don’t know the life sacrifices they make sometimes working 48-hour shifts when staffing is low to make sure someone is there when lives depend on it. If you see someone in scrubs this month be sure to thank them for their service!

Gleason stated, “If fuels us to keep moving forward. It charges us up and wants us to take even better care of our patients.”