GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Health care is now more affordable, thanks to the American Rescue Plan. Since March, Monica Caballeros, MPA says more people are taking advantage of getting covered.

“As of December 8, we had almost 160,000 Coloradans and who have signed up for a plan that provides coverage in 2022,” Monica Caballeros, MPA mentions, “We’re continuing to see a tremendous response.”

Any plan you purchase has to cover all the essentials, no matter when you enroll. If you have been denied health insurance before, it’s a new year for you and your eligibility.

“Four out of five customers can get a plan for $25 or less,” Caballeros, MPA shares, “That’s likely going to be something that could be in your budget and there’s a lot more choice of health insurance companies.”

The big enrollment deadline is January 15 for healthcare, after that the only way to change your plan is if you have a qualifying life event.

“If you get laid off and your health insurance goes with it, that’s an event that can open up a new window for you to enroll in these plans,” Caballeros, MPA elaborates, “Getting married, moving, those are kind of the biggies.”

Hilltop’s Family Resource Center understands that life happens, so they want to make getting health insurance easy.

“Going through plans and picking plans is probably the most difficult part,” Hilltop Community Access Manager Christie Higgins expresses, “That’s really why we’re here and our guides are very well versed in the different plans and just getting you enrolled and so we want to make it easy

Income limits for Medicaid have increased. You’ll qualify if you meet the new set threshold: about $1,400 per month, gross, for an individual and up to about $3,000 per month for a family of four with children.

“Because of the public health emergency, they have expanded the Medicaid guidelines so it really does open up the option for a lot of people to get health insurance help whether it’s Medicaid or Connect for Health and, maybe, you hadn’t been able to before.”

If you don’t qualify for Medicaid, it’s very likely you qualify for subsidies through Connect for Health.

You can make an appointment anytime (between 9am and 4pm) at Hilltop’s Family Resource Center and Christie says walk-ins are welcome on Wednesdays. All they ask is for you to come in with specific information.

“It’s great to come in with proof of income, especially if you’re self-employed, we will need that, knowing date of birth for family members but that’s really it,” Higgins states, “We just walk through the application with you and then, if verifications are needed, we can definitely follow up to make sure those are included throughout the enrollment process.”

Meeting the January 15 deadline has your health coverage start February 1, 2022. When renewing your Medicaid plan, your eligibility remains if your income has increased.