Grand Junction, Colo.

Citizens are making their voices heard and casting their ballots by person, car, motorcycle, and even bicycle for the Colorado June Primary 2022.

Because most of the current elected officials are Democrats, most of the politicians competing for your vote are on the republican side which also has two sides; the moderate and the far right. Supporters of conspiracies about the outcome of the last presidential election, help determine who’s who. Here are the most contentious races.

First up is the GOP Primary battle between three candidates running for U.S. Senate to represent Colorado.

Write-in candidate, Daniel Hendricks, State Senator Ron Hanks, and candidate Joe O’Dea seek to challenge incumbent Senator Michael Bennet in November. The focus has been on the front runners Hanks and O’Dea, and the mudslinging is getting thick. “Dark money from the Democratic party that’s been put in this race to try and push up a candidate that’s unelectable here in Colorado,” said O’Dea when referring to Ron Hanks. “They don’t want to see me on the ballot.”

The complaint stems from a pointed ad O’Dea claims is a strategy by the Democratic party against the more moderate O’Dea who doesn’t deny the 2020 election outcome, but Hanks does.

Next, is the battle for CD3 currently represented by Congresswoman Lauren Boebert.

Moderate Republican candidate and incumbent State Senator Don Coram is running to unseat the incumbent. “The 10% on the extreme left and the 10% on the extreme right, they basically ignore the 80% in the middle, and what we have been able to do is build a coalition of the 80% and I think that is enough to put us over the finish line,” said Coram in an interview with KREX.

Boebert is being investigated for allegedly paying herself more than $20,000 of mileage reimbursements from her campaign in 2020.

Finally, there’s a reason why the reserved parking spot for the Mesa County Clerk and Recorder has changed. Clerk Tina Peters is banned from overseeing the Primary Election, but she’s still on the ballot running to be your next Colorado Secretary of State. Peters has been indicted on ten criminal counts for an elections security breach, and has since blamed Boebert, according to a report from the New York Times.

According to the report, Peters said Boebert encouraged her to go forward with taking images of voting machines. Boebert has since denied the accusation.