GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — “With the overturn of roe v wade we are talking about a situation where if you make a mistake on a Wednesday, you can actually be criminalized for that mistake on a Thursday in some states” voiced C.E.O of AtomicMind Leelila Strogov .

That’s the new reality. In fact, the atomic mind study shows around 57% of incoming college students say the overturning of Roe V Wade will influence where they attend school.

Incoming college student, Ava stated, “It’s interesting to me to think how those decisions me and my friends made might have been different in this case.”

For this incoming college student, she was fortunate the school she had already chosen blocked the ban on abortion but still made for a tough goodbye with friends.

“We had to have conversations when we said goodbye to each other when we went our separate ways for summer. I said I’m only a phone call away if you need something. We were talking about jokingly, but half seriously wrapping up plan b with a bow on it and give it to each other as parting gifts. It’s a real concern” Ava added.

It’s just as terrifying for young men too.

Leelila Strogov mentioned, “A condom breaks and I impregnate a young woman and she is in a state that criminalizes her for using the abortion pill. I’m in deep trouble, and I have no control over that decision.”

The biggest driver for social mobility is education.

“What we are going to be doing curtailing opportunities for those who have been historically been underrepresented in terms of education and social mobility. I think that is just going to create a greater divide in our country and it’s a tragedy” Leelila uttered.

The impact of the ban on abortion goes further than the two parties involved.

Leelila stated, “This may impact grandmothers who now suddenly are going to have to help in the raising of grandkids that maybe came way earlier. People who otherwise might have gone to college who due to a mistake and being in a state that may criminalize that mistake will decide to carry a child to term and will decide not to get educated and instead stay home with a baby.”

There’s no way around the birds and the bees, but C.E.O of AtomicMind, Leelila Strogov believes there is another conversation parents and young adults needs to have for when they feel you can’t turn to them.

“We would love it if something were to happen for you to come back and seek help from us, but please know lets cope ahead on this one and please know this is what you might need to do in the event you do not feel comfortable with me and seeking my help at the time” Leelila added.

Her second piece of advice:

“Young people need to vote. They really want their voice to be heard, they can not forget to set their alarm clocks the morning of voting day” Leelila stated.