GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Warm to very warm temperatures in the forecast along with very few rain opportunities OR breaks from the windy spring pattern.

Average high temperatures for early May are low/near 70°. Moving through the short term forecast (through next Wednesday) temperatures will be running above the averages. Middle 80s might be considered warm or it might be very warm if you subscribe to the concept that the “hot” category begins with the 90s. Regardless we should remain warm through this period. No records are expected in the afternoons, but mornings (warm lows) are possible. There will be dry to very dry conditions in place and because the pattern has weak storm systems passing the region to the north, the differences in temperatures and pressure systems will generate those breezy to gusty conditions we have been experiencing during Spring 2022!

Wind and rain deficits/low humidity levels will allow for multiple days of Red Flag Warnings. Please use caution with hot engines, machinery/tools that spark and open flame sources. Snow melt/runoff will be another hazard to be aware of as the temperatures go warmer during this forecast. Rivers and streams will be fast and cold. Extreme caution is urged along the stream and river banks as they can erode or collapse. Crossing low roads covered in water is neither advisable, nor safe to do so.

The short-term forecast has these repeated PACNW systems clipping the northern Colorado border. These near misses will go through the middle of next week. This will guarantee strong wind speeds for another handful of days. After next Thursday, the long term forecast has a large storm system that could actually drop far enough to the south to benefit Colorado. Friday May 13 is the timeline for that. Did we just jinx that? This will be a period of unsettled weather that could include cooler temperatures and rain/snow chances.