GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Both St. Mary’s and Community Hospital helped welcome new babies into the world on January 1st.

Skaff Family picture.

“We were not expecting twins at all,” New Mother Michelle Skaff told KREX. At 8:18 A.M. and 8:23 A.M. respectively Emersyn and Talia Skaff were born each healthy at a weight around 5 lbs. But, like most good things, these bundles of joy did not come easy.

“I labored for about 16-ish hours and then stopped,” said Skaff, “Then I started up again on Friday night and then stopped so then they induced me on Saturday night then we ended up having a C-section on Sunday morning.” She endured nearly 75 hours of labor to give birth her children but that’s not all, “These are our rainbow babies, we lost a baby last august,” Skaff told KREX.

“It’s been a pretty crazy ride,” David Skaff, the father, told KREX.

Doctors told the Skaffs to prepare for an early birth as they started visiting the hospital at 22 weeks, but both Emersyn and Talia made it all the way to 35 weeks. “It finally hit us hey it’s happening and then it was happening for a long time,” David Skaff reminisced. The Skaffs told us Emersyn and Talia are the first grandchildren on either side of the family.

But they weren’t the only New Years Eve babies, a family at Community Hospital helped deliver a baby girl at 4:29 A.M. on January 1st.

The first baby born at Community hospital in 2023.