It’s official: Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters is barred from overseeing elections in 2022. Todd Starr, a Mesa County Attorney says, “I don’t think we ever thought the greatest threat to the system would come from somebody with a position of trust within the system.”

Commissioner Cody Davis for Mesa County District 1 says, “A bit of a moot point that her bond conditions don’t allow her to have any contact with anybody at the clerk and recorder’s office.”

This is the second year in a row a judge has removed both Clerk Peters and Deputy Clerk Belinda Knisely from overseeing elections, but this year Julie Fisher appointed by Peters as the Second Chief Deputy Clerk makes the list because the court finds the position is not authorized by any statute.

The court confirms Brandi Bantz shall be the Mesa County DEO, but paying for staff, attorneys, and a new contract with Dominion Voting Systems, has cost the county to pay the price to ensure fair and free elections. “It’s cost the county quite a bit of money up to date,” said Commissioner Davis. “Probably about $1.2 million worth.” Starr says, “We used the Dominion system. Then we used Clear Ballot, and then we did a hand count, and we’ve proven that the system in place in Mesa County is an accurate system.”

Now, next and forever on the election agenda is ensuring everyone’s vote counts every time. “The commissioners are still going to be in charge of making sure elections are funded, people can trust them, and there’s integrity within that office,” said Davis.

And, next up for Peters. She’ll be on the ballot running for Colorado Secretary of State.