GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Tina Peters gained 13 votes in her quarter of a million dollar recount, but her opponent Pam Anderson gained 13 votes too.

In the Republican primary for Colorado Secretary of State Tina Peters lost to Pam Anderson by 88,578 votes.

Peters then requested and paid $255,912.33 for a recount in all 64 Colorado counties.

Colorado County Clerks Association spokesperson Mike Beasley said, “This recount was not really to show a broken system, but it was more designed to erode confidence in the system.”

On Western Slope, in Mesa and the surrounding counties all three candidates gained or lost fewer then 10 votes all together.

“I believe that if we were to take the ballots out to the county courthouse lawn in all 64 counties in Colorado and counted them in front of them they would still find something wrong,” said Beasley