GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Windy (to breezy and then windy again) conditions will continue for the rest of this week as another PACNW storm swings through the region with increasing rain chances and cooler temperatures.

The beginning and the end of this work week will have Red Flag Warnings and/or Wind Advisories for the Western Slope. Add the element of the very dry conditions (GJ has a rain deficit surpassing 1.00″) and any ignition source will likely start a wildfire. The overreaching message continues for the rest of this week (for the month of April). Be careful with hot engines parked over dry grasses, using machinery that sparks, errant cigarette butts or any action that could elicit a spark. The wind machine is/will be the PACNW storms that track across the northern United States. Ahead of these storms the southwest flow kicks in and will allow for very mild/warm temperatures. Tuesday the region will be in that southwest flow and not only will many locations be on the hunt for near record afternoon temperatures, but they could also achieve some of the highest wind gusts before the midweek period. This first storm will be dry and pass through the region by early Wednesday. In it’s wake, there will be slightly cooler temperatures Wednesday afternoon, and less wind. The temperatures will still be running above the averages. Consider Wednesday a brief lull in the spring pattern.

Thursday another PACNW storm will swing through the region and kick the wind speeds back into the stronger speeds and enhancing the fire dangers. Warmer temperatures will return in this phase of the approaching storm, but there should be a better shot at rain showers with the passage late Friday night. Rain showers could also linger into Saturday night. This “rain” is just a few passing showers through the early weekend period and will have the accompanying wind gusts, lightning and a potential for small hail. Cooler temperatures will be the direct response to this spring storm for the remainder of the weekend. Next week has an indication of a pattern change, second spring?!