The Western Slope is getting into the middle of January with near average temperatures and very few storms in sight.

Average low for Grand Junction is 16 degrees this time of the year with 37 degrees punching the afternoon high. No records are in the forecast with this mild trend, but the next few days will be the more warm/less cold days of the period with a slightly above temperature trend. Dry conditions prevail with a mix of a mostly clear and a partly clear sky.

There is a weak system spilling in from the PACNW during the Thursday/Friday timeline. This weak system needs to be treated with respect because it appears to have the exact same ingredients as the last two storms that moved through quickly within the past two weeks. If you recall, the last two storms started weak with a genesis site in the PACNW. Their pattern originated as too far north and east to be all that impactful to Colorado. Those two storms increased their strength to a moderate winter storm with 5-30″ of snow and 30-60 mph wind speeds over the passes. The trajectory of those storms also changed from an easterly track to a southeasterly track. Quick in and quick out with decent snow on the front range and significant winter storm impacts in the central and eastern time zones. The “weak” system on Thursday is going to be watched carefully for the same storm evolution that could produce winter weather advisories in the north and central mountain zones. The Western Slope should only have overcast conditions, a slight chance of showers and breezy wind speeds with lowered temperatures if this materializes. This probability appears as low likely today.