GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — “The city council just passed its first set of ordinances on the 6th of April,” City of Grand Junction P.I.O, Tamara Allen stated.

The recreational flower business has begun to sprout on the Western Slope, but one year later; It’s been what some call a lengthy process.

Allen mentioned, “For this community really, I think the earmark decision was April 6th of 2021.”

That’s when the gates opened to allow measures 2b and 2c to come to Colorado. Now the next step is for the planning committee to meet on the 12th.

“Provide a review and recommendation of the land use components. Again the zoning, the buffering elements, and signage components,” Allen added.

After the hearing May 4th.. its application time for anyone hoping to snag a business license.

Allen uttered, “We’re tentatively scheduling that to begin May 8th, and that will run through June 9th.”

Now don’t everyone go trying to fill out an application all at once. The city will only select 10 businesses to operate in the city limits.

“Those applications will go into a randomized selection process, and that’s where the city will extract and select 10 operators,” Allen stated.

Once the flower business spruces in Grand Junction, the revenue will go into improving parks and wildlife areas in our community.

“I think a lot of people’s perspective certainly from what I heard is people are very enthusiastic about that re-investment in our cities infrastructure for our parks and recs programs,” Allen mentioned.