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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — Directly in the middle of a neighborhood here in Grand Junction is a chili roasting business called Colorado Chili Roasters. It is located between two homes on Hillcrest Avenue off of 1st Street.

For the last 20 years, Colorado Chili Roasters have been catering all of Colorado’s chili needs. The business orders peppers from around the state, such as Pueblo and Delta, and then, it brings the goods back to Grand Junction for roasting and peeling.

On Sunday, friends and family gathered at the business site to help bag the roasted peppers, and afterwards the chilies either go home with the hungry folks or to local markets. In addition, since the business is already booming, the owner says it will stay in the middle of the neighborhood.

Jesse Rogers, owner of Colorado Chili Roasters, says, “I don’t believe I need to have a brick building to advertise. My stuff advertises itself.”

Colorado Chili Roasters also say COVID hasn’t slowed down business, and instead the pandemic has actually increased sales since freezing chilies is so common.

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