Bears entering hyperphagia, could lead to more sightings


GRAND JUNCTION– More than 38,000 bear incidents have been reported to Colorado Parks and Wildlife since the beginning of April.

Most instances have been involving hungry bears, and with winter on its way, that number is expected to grow.

Bears spend up to 20 hours a day hunting for more than 20,000 calories before hibernating. CPW calls the extreme hunger bears experience, hyperphagia.

This past Friday, an Orchard Mesa man caught two bears feasting on his bird feeders.

Thankfully, the bears did not act aggressively toward the homeowner.

CPW urges you to be ‘bear aware’ during this season of hunger, for the safety of you and the animal.

Act big, get loud, and if you have a coat, hold it up so you look even bigger. Most of the time, the bears will go a different way. A big factor is making sure they have an exit so they dont get scared and come after a human.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife

As well as acting large and in charge, be as noisy as possible and get rid of anything that a bear could find tasty, in your yard.

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