Early-Childhood Class Illness in Montrose



The illness impacting thousands of students, and causing the closure of all District 51 schools appears to be traveling south into Montrose County.

Early-childhood classes are seeing what the Montrose County school district is calling “escalated activity” of an illness.

Montrose County official, Katie Yergensen says, “There has been a slight uptick according to our school district. Some of the cases that we’re seeing here, and again these are self-reported symptoms, are vomiting, diarrhea, and fever as well.”

Superintendent, Stephen Schiell says, “Do we have children sick? Yes, but nothing to any extent that we even have to worry about. Yes, children get sick. Yes, vomiting occurs, they might have temperatures, but again, the rate is no different than any other time of the year.”

Montrose County official, Yergensen recommends to Montrose citizens, “Handwashing, handwashing, more handwashing, and stay at home if you can.”

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