It’s that spooky time of year again. No, not Halloween, flu vaccination time. Sorry kids. Kerry Beinlich MD with Primary Care says, “Everyone 6 months and up should get a flu shot.”

The CDC says this year is more important than ever to get the flu vaccine to reduce the strain on healthcare systems responding to the year of Covid, and now, a local doctor is answering Influenza fact or fiction questions.

Can you get the flu by getting a flu shot? “No. It’s a completely inactivated, dead virus,” said Dr. Beinlich.

The CDC says it takes two weeks for that dead virus to start working, so if you got sick, you would’ve been sick anyway, but do you still need the flu shot if you’re healthy as a horse? Dr. Beinlich says, “Every year on the Western Slope we somebody who’s completely healthy, often times in their teenage years, die from Influenza.”

Now, that we’re talking about our young future leaders good health, can vaccines cause Autism? “Widely disproven. The original article that was written was withdrawn. The doctor who wrote that medical article lost his license.”

The Flu vaccine is coming to a primary care physician near you, and you don’t have to be scared if you’re a kid, or a man because it’s more important than ever to get the flu shot this year. Dr. Beinlich says, “One of the very first things we learned about Covid is that it can affect people at the same time as other respiratory viruses. So, we’re very concerned about how sick, especially our aging population and folks with chronic diseases, may get.”

Health care providers say better to be safe than sick, but what about mask or no mask? Dr. Kerry Beinlich says, “Yes.”

For more information on where to get your flu vaccine, click here.