Gaming Boom During the Year of Covid-19



Video games have been around longer than you may think, and during the year of Covid the sales have surged, but this boom isn’t just because of boredom. Jared Taylor is a gamer and says it’s more than having fun. “After the whole pandemic started, and everything it’s been a way to get closer to family and friends without being able to see them in person,” said Taylor. It means something different than fun and games to gamer, Ben Luckett too. Ben says, “It teaches you how to use a lot of teamwork, and just using strategy to work together, and you can take that to work.”

Covid precautions have caused video game sales to skyrocket to $11.6 billion the second quarter according to Forbes, but according to these guys, it’s not Covid, it’s connection. Jared says, “It requires you to communicate with people that you really don’t know half the time.” Jared’s friend, Eric Buendia says, ” I play with people from Europe, from New York, California.”

These virtual travelers aren’t alone because a survey by CenturyLink says 52% of 18-24 year old gamers say gaming has a positive affect on their romantic relationships, and Mario Kart is on the top of the list. Ben says, “Actually, I came here to get a Nintendo Switch so I can play Mario Kart, and Smash Bros.”

A study by Kryptoscene says worldwide video game sales will be up 11% this year, which means a lot more deliveries to the gaming store near you, and that’s not all. Video game downloads went up past 4.2 billion between the months of April and June. But, more importantly, the couple that plays together stays together. Jared says he and his significant other play, Red Dead Redemption. “We didn’t know we had this hobby in common at first, and when we found out i think it brought us closer together.” Eric uses Virtual Chat to chat with his sweetheart. Eric says, “She’s out of state, and we’d just be here playing Minecraft together online while I’m over here.”

Some say long distance relationships don’t work, but Eric says his works through the power of connection through the console. Eric says,” “It works, it works! “You just gotta commit to it, you know?” It works!””

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