Grand Valley Organization Saves Colony of Cats


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — Grand Valley Pets Alive started an operation earlier this week, catching a colony of cats living in Fruita and spaying and neutering them.

An elderly man found the stray cats and had been feeding them for years, but he had to move away due to a health condition.
The man was concerned about the future of the felines. That’s when Grand Valley Pets Alive stepped in to help.
The organization believes reducing the number of strays by spaying and neutering animals, is the best way to mitigate their suffering.

Sue Tuffin, or as her friends call her, Super Sue, is currently housing the cats and working to catch the few others in the colony still wandering around as strays. “We have trapped seven right now and have maybe two or three more to go,” says Sue. Sue’s goal is to re-home these cats, but also to tackle the root of the problem. Stray cats that aren’t spayed or neutered reproduce at a fast rate, leading to thousands of homeless kitties and according to a spokesperson of the organization, thousands of suffering lives.

“Every cat dog or rabbit that get spayed and neutered means less offspring that are apt to be thrown out by the side of the road, left in a box in a park, or suffer terrible deaths,” says Carole Chowen, the President of Grand Valley Pets Alive. “And kittens born into colonies, it’s not easy. Very few of them survive.”

So Grand Valley Pets Alive is calling for people who have pets to make sure they spay and neuter them, and to keep an eye out for strays that should also be spayed and neutered.

“Individuals that don’t care for living things have a hole in their heart,” says Sue. “And that’s not something that I want on my tombstone, that she had a hole in her heart.”

Grand Valley Pets Alive is volunteer run and funded by donations.

For more info, Grand Valley Pets Alive’s contact info can be found here:

You can also call them at 970-462-7554.

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