K2 Taxi is Using UV Radiation to Kill COVID-19 and a Canada Cab Giant Wants to Know More



The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) will be using ultraviolet light radiation to disinfect their New York City subways and bus services on Monday, May 25, but K2 Taxi in Grand Junction is ahead of the curve by using the technology right now. The report aired Wednesday night at 10:08 p.m. and then a taxi cab giant, 1,200 miles away in the foreign country of Canada saw the story and called K2 Taxi, wants to use the same technology to disinfect their taxis, but they have 592 of them.

K2 Taxi co-owner, Ryan Kohlman says, “After the story aired Wednesday night, I got a call Thursday morning from the General Manager and President of Yellow Cab of Vancouver, and Yellow Cab is the largest taxi company in the world.”

But, 2 companies part of the cab conglomerate aren’t operational due to Canada’s strict Coronavirus guidelines, and the information about the technology K2 Taxi is using could get the 99-year-old Canada cab company moving forward again through it’s 100th year.

“They’re struggling to find a way to keep their taxis clean, and still operate. So, they both called me, and asked me a lot of questions about how exactly we are implementing the UV-C Radiation disinfecting system,” says Kohlman.

The kicker is, K2 Taxi’s UV-C process destroys COVID-19 by burning it with ultraviolet rays, but at the same time the rays are burning money. Ryan says, “We expect we’re gonna have to replace certain fascia elements on the interior because they’re going to deteriorate much faster than they would if we weren’t doing this. But, in the end we’re paying a little more money over years to know the vehicles are disinfected to a hospital-like standard.”

Ryan says the damage to the interior of the cabs from the UV light could cost him up to $75,000 a year, but it’s worth every cent to keep the drivers, the clients, and the community safe.

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