Kidnapping and murder threats lead to charges for Grand Junction man: UPDATE


GRAND JUNCTION– A Grand Junction man is facing federal charges over letters he mailed across the country. Those letters were a cry for help, in a way. Gallegos, in his own words, tells law enforcement they deserve a head start on catching him before he fulfills his twisted desires to murder, kidnap, and sexually assault women in Mesa County.

Beyond Mesa County, Gallegos made threats to females from Florida, all the way to Washington State– making him subject to federal charges.

Daniel Gallegos will be back on September 20th for a hearing to show whether there is enough evidence, in this case, to bring about a trial. The judge says Gallegos is both a flight risk as well as a community safety risk, which gives reason to why Gallegos will not be eligible for release at this time.

Thanks to technology, the stamps that were purchased at the 4th Street Grand Junction Post Office were able to be tracked through bar codes and number codes when they were purchased on August 17th of this year.

Gallegos was arrested on August 29th once the FBI was able to connect the dots on the credit card used to buy those stamps. Local law enforcement made contact with Gallegos at least twice on calls to Poplar Drive when Gallegos threatened he was going to either kill himself, or kill others, and eat them.

KREX 5/FOX 4 will continue to keep you updated as this case moves forward.

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