Kidnapping and murder threats lead to charges for Grand Junction man

GRAND JUNCTION– Kidnapping and murder threats of women lead to federal charges against a Grand Junction man.

Daniel Gallegos is accused of mailing letters to law enforcement in Florida, Washington State, and Denver.

In these letters, which the FBI connected to Gallegos, he lays out his plan of how he will lure young women into his van.

The letters then detail how the women will be murdered and sexually assaulted, as well as his plans to cover up the crime scene with flour and hair.

The stamps purchased by Gallegos, found on the letters, helped the FBI track the suspect down.

Once agents were able to find the card number used to buy the stamps, they were able to track down the Walmart where the envelopes were purchased.

The FBI agent used Walmart surveillance footage and footage from the 4th Street Post office to confirm the suspect as Daniel Gallegos.

Prior to his arrest in this case, Gallegos was taken to Mind Springs by law enforcement at least two times after allegedly making threats wanting to murder and eat people.

These charges are federal because of Gallegos allegedly mailing some of these threats over Colorado state lines.

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