Nathan Ryan, Not Guilty



Not guilty on all counts.

Nathan Ryan was accused of being an accessory to murder, for allegedly taking and burying the body of Kyle Free in April of last year.

Ryan himself took the stand, trying to clear his name. Ryan told the court he and his best friend went to the home where free was murdered, days after the death to remove trash. He says he unknowingly helped load a “black tote” with Kyle Free’s body inside, into the back of his friend’s truck for spring cleanup, thinking he was just removing trash from an unsanitary home. He also says the reason he moved to Iowa months later, was to help some family friends make repairs on their home.

Ryan says he voluntarily offered to give his DNA to law officials, willingly set up a meeting with investigators in Iowa, and turned down immunity; telling the court there’s nothing to “come clean” about.

During the trial, authorities confirmed the murder of Kyle Free took place last year, in the early-morning hours of April 11th. They say Free’s body was burned to remove tattoos then moved and buried days later, on April 14th. The investigation showed two 22 caliber rounds recovered from the chest and neck of Free.

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