October 6th Forecast


Today is shaping up to be another warm, sunny, clear day along the Western Slope. Clear and sunny skies will be persisting throughout the week. Our high temperatures will be remaining between 5 – 10 degrees warmer than normal up until the weekend. Our lows will be less static. For today and tomorrow they will be just below average, but on Thursday and Friday we will see an increase in moisture over the region. This increase in moisture will do three things. One provide us with some cloudier skies, two cause our lows to warm up by around 5 degrees, and prime our rain chances for the weekend.

A cold front will be moving through the Western Slope this Sunday. Unlike the last cold front this one will be bringing precipitation along with it. We will see rain in the lower valleys and snow up on the mountain tops. How much rain or snow is still up in the air right now, but confidence will be increasing as we move closer to the weekend.

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