Powderhorn Prepares for Opening Day


MESA, Colo.

Opening day for ski season at the Powderhorn Mountain Resort starts on Friday.

If you’ve never skied before, no problem. The resort has a free learn to ski program that will get you shredding the powder on your snowboard or skis in no time. Ryan Robinson with Powderhorn says, “We take care of the first 3 lessons, the first 3 lift tickets, and the first 3 rounds of rental equipment to get people up on the hill. We believe firmly that everybody should be able to ski in Colorado.”

If you’re an experienced skier, Powderhorn has something new. Actually, the resort has two new things. “We have a new umbrella bar right here behind me. It seats about 65. A great place to have a drink and a snack right after skiing, and also the new tiny home village,” says Robinson.

Powderhorn is located at the tallest flat top mountain in the world, the Grand Mesa, but at the base of the largest mesa is Powderhorn’s big plan; the Tiny Home Project. Robinson says, “We wanted something that’s tailored to our customer. We’re not a big hotel type ski resort, but the tiny homes have everything you need, in a very efficient footprint. Each of these 6 units vary a little bit. There’s some that are more like a cabin in the woods, and some that are very modern. Some have their own porches, and they all surround a common fire pit area.”

For more information about ski season, and renting or owning a tiny home of your own, click on the link: http://powderhorn.com.

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