Walk to Honor Martin Luther King Jr.



Today day is the day to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Grand Junction came together at City Hall for good words, good people, and for a good walk to commemorate Dr. King’s life’s work.

Dr. King is a hero to millions of people, and the inspiration for one of Grand Junction’s heroes. “Martin Luther King is an example of human potential of the power of humanity”, says Marcus Alexander. Marcus became a hero when he had a conversation with a woman threatening to jump off the Broadway Bridge. “It was breezy, and we were at a high place. So, it was a little cold, and I told her it was cold. Maybe, we should step down, it’s cold up here, she came down”, says Alexander.

The walk for Martin Luther King in Grand Junction is actually a plan B due to no permit for a parade, but sometimes plan B is even better than plan A. President of the Black Citizens and Friends, David Combs says, “An individual asked me today, when does it end, and I told him simply, it never does. Us coming out and celebrating this day is historic.”

When asked what Dr. King would think seeing the solidarity of Grand Junction walking to honor his legacy, Ky Oday with the Black Citizens and Friends organization answers, “If he was here with us today, in Grand Junction, I think he would be proud. Proud of our community banding together, and this walk along, and this inclusive environment all of us that all of us get a chance to celebrate in. It might not be the mountain top, but I know we’re getting close.”

“Speak up Grand Junction because the moment we become silent about things that matter is the moment our lives begin to end”, says Alexander, with the closing of his speech at City Hall.

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