What is the future of QB position for the Broncos?


DENVER (KDVR) — Today on the Orange and Blue Report, Nick Griffith and Bruce Haertl have the very latest from team headquarters today. 

The two also look at the big picture for future success here in Broncos Country, specifically: what is the future at the quarterback position?

They’ll also delve into the game plan and what areas of the Chiefs game the Broncos need to exploit if they hope to be competitive Sunday night in Kansas City. 

Quarterbacks Drew Lock and Brett Rypian were both at practice again on Thursday. Both appear ready to return after the fiasco of last week burned another opportunity to improve — the kind of opportunity you only get 16 of in this league.

“I’m sure that Drew is ready to prove something,” tight end Noah Fant said, who took little from their loss to the Saints. “Obviously, the game counted, but in those circumstances where you don’t have a quarterback–it’s the most important position to your offense—it’s kind of hard to really hold value and be like, ‘Well, we could have done that better.'”

The biggest casualty has to be Drew Lock, who missed another chance to prove something to this franchise, now there are just five chances left to make a lingering impression.

“He hasn’t done enough yet to know (whether he is the Broncos franchise QB),” says former Broncos receiver Brandon Stokely. “He hasn’t been consistent enough and we haven’t seen a full game from him yet.”

Winning cures a lot of ills, but beyond that–

“Coming out and playing good football. Putting one play back-to-back-to-back. Just good play, good football, sound football”, Lock said. “If we can keep improving in our own specific jobs, I feel like the team will start playing  some really good ball in these last weeks.”

At 4 – 7 that may be wishful thinking, especially considering that the Chiefs are up next. Lock has dropped both of his career starts against hometown team by an average of three touchdowns.

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