Year-End Residential Report



This year will be a busy one for construction because of the high demand for homes for the growing population of the Grand Valley.

2019 was a busy year for construction and 2020 shows a year of promise for more housing choices.

The supply of housing for Grand Junction is low while the demand is very high due to the drivers of growth such as higher wages and more jobs from major industries like healthcare, education, and construction.

The low housing interest rates and continued population growth are setting the stage for a strong economy and a strong need for a place to live in Grand Junction.

Bray Real Estate states, last year in 2019 the average sale price of a home in Mesa County was $257,000 which is up 9% from $235,000 in 2018.

The total of housing sales is 585 homes for 2019, which is down 3% according to the Bray Residential Report.

Also, foreclosures are down 19%, foreclosure sales down 32%, and building permits were also down 11%, according to the report.

The busiest subdivision in 2019 is Sundance Village in Grand Junction.

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