House Republicans say China should be held accountable for coronavirus spread


WASHINGTON, D.C. (Nexstar) — As the world battles the coronavirus outbreak, Texas Republican Congressman Michael McCaul says he’s prepared to punish the source: China.

He’s leading the House Republican investigation into China.

As chairman of the newly created China Task Force, McCaul hopes to hold China accountable on a number of issues, including its role in the spread of the coronavirus. 

“I call it the worst coverup in human history,” says McCaul. “What came out of Wuhan impacted the world and we have to wake up and pay attention to it.”

The task force will investigate everything from where the virus started to how the two nations operate economically — and will then suggest how Congress should take action.

Oklahoma Republican Senator Jim Inhofe says he’s already proposed a punishment — and introduced a bill allowing the president to impose sanctions on China.

California Democratic Congresswoman Norma Torres says while some response may be necessary, the U.S. can’t afford damaging its relationship with China.

“We need to engage and continue to have a relationship with them because our trade and our economy is certainly 100% dependent on how that moves forward,” says Torres.

McCaul says the task force is considering all options. He says the first meeting will be held on Friday with the director of National Intelligence and the final report will be released by October.

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