Lawmakers worried Americans aren’t taking coronavirus pandemic seriously as protests, rallies continue


WASHINGTON, D.C (NEXSTAR) – Lawmakers in Washington are worried COVID-fatigue is setting in and that people aren’t taking the pandemic seriously.

Especially as people protest in cities nationwide and the president continues to hold large rallies. 

Whether protesting police brutality or rallying for the president, lawmakers say images of mass gatherings make it harder to convince people the pandemic is still a real threat. 

“We’re entering a very risky, dangerous time in the pandemic,” Representative Raul Ruiz, D-California, said. 

Democrat Raul Ruiz says he supported the reason protesters filled the streets after George Floyd’s death.

“Racially targeted use of force is wrong,” Ruiz said. 

But with spiking COVID cases in some areas, Ruiz is concerned his constituents are no longer taking CDC guidelines seriously.

“People are becoming fatigued with stay at home orders,” Ruiz said. 

“A lot of people are looking at this down the middle are saying, there’s no consistency to any of this,” Representative Doug LaMalfa, R-California,said.

Republican Doug LaMalfa says residents in his district are skeptical about social distancing and wearing masks because of mixed-messaging from some lawmakers.

“They’re seeing all this other stuff going on, and they’re saying what’s real? What’s true?” LaMalfa said.

“I remember seeing in LA, a drone go over where thousands of people are standing right next to one another,” Representative Kevin McCarthy, R-California, said.

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy says he believes protests led to the current COVID spike in Southern California. 

When pressed about the president’s rallies, he said safety measures should be consistent. 

“Whether you’re in a big crowd or small crowd we should all remember to continue to wash your hands, social distancing, wearing the mask,” McCarthy said. 

Lawmakers say the current public skepticism could make passing coronavirus measures more difficult. 

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