We saw a cloudy start to the day on the Western Slope. Skies will be slowly clearing up as we move through the afternoon hours. The upper level ridge above us is still forcing warm southwesterly flow causing highs to warm up to 70s and 80s for the region. Winds will tend to be on the breezier side. Most of the Western Slope will see peak sustained winds in the lower 20s this afternoon, but Delta and Montrose will see slightly stronger winds in the mid to upper 20s. A stationary front as wrapped itself around the region causing breezier winds and low chances for light scattered showers over the Divide. This front will eventually pass through Thursday night into Friday morning. As the front passes we will see very slim chances for some stray showers to sneak in for Friday morning and afternoon, but outside of that its going to be a dry week in the valleys. Tomorrow’s highs will be similar to day. With the front moving through tomorrow night we will cool all the way down to the 60s in the Grand Valley for Friday. Temperatures will build back up over the weekend, and we will see 80s once again come Monday of next week.