We saw a few early morning mountain thunderstorms on the Western Slope, but they have already started to clear up. We will see clear skies after sunrise, and those clear skies will last through the morning hours. As we look to the middle of the afternoon scattered mountain thunderstorms will return to region. High temperatures will be slightly cooler than yesterday with highs in the mid 90s for Grand Junction. The lower valleys will still stay dry for most of the day, but there will still be low chances for a few brief pop up showers around 5 and 6 pm. outside of those hours rain chances will be near zero. Scattered showers will clear up overnight and we will see a clear dry start to our Friday. Scattered storms will return Friday afternoon, and chances for stray showers will slowly increase over the next few days. As rain chances slowly increase highs will slowly decrease. We will drop all the way down into the lower 90s by the end of the weekend. The heaviest rain right now looks to land on Tuesday of next week.