Monday August 17, 2020 Forecast


Smoke is expected to stick around in the lower elevations for the next few days. It’s a Catch-22, obviously from the major fires in the region, but the smoke keeps high temperatures in check (near record possible) and the sunrise/sunset is marked with brilliant colors, albeit, hazy and the smoke prevents to much cooling for the low temperatures. None of that amounts to a hill of beans if the smoke compromises your breathing, which it will for the next few days. If smoke is heavy/thick, it is recommended to stay indoors and shut your windows to avoid breathing the smoke and ash.

Our high temperatures will push to reach records throughout the week, but our low temperatures are expected to be around average for this time of year due to the dry atmosphere. Starting today more moisture will begin pushing into the region which will lead to an increase in cloud cover later in the week. The best storm chances will still be in the San Juans and at the higher elevations by the divide with chances of measurable just about escaping this forecast. The drought conditions are still persisting with only slight, scattered chances of storms available. The bigger threats from these storms will be new fire starts from lightning and fire spread from the gusty wind.

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