Friday Evening Forecast July 3, 2020


The afternoon highs are expected to strike the typical expectation for early July…. lower/middle 90s. By the end of this weekend however, temperatures will be heating up. Friday, Saturday and Sunday could also have an unsettled weather pattern with wind, clouds, and daily mountain storms moving over the valleys. There is a slight chance of valley storm clouds late Friday and Saturday afternoon. That weather maker will be the high pressure system dipping slightly to our west. This movement will allow moisture to ride in on the periphery of the high from subtropical source regions like Southern California/Pacific, the Baja Region and the northern mountains of Mexico. Dry and hot for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with increasing wind speeds expected by the middle of next week.

Average high temperature for Grand Junction is 93°/Montrose 89°. Rain deficits for both sites are -1.48″ and -3.00″ respectively.

July is a busy month for astronomy fans. The first is up during the night of July 4. The full moon will pass through part of Earth’s shadow, creating a lunar eclipse that will be visible across Colorado. No telescope required and we are expecting a clearing sky… look up at 10:30 pm. The moon will be in the earth’s shadow, so the eclipse will be a faint discoloration on the moon. There is also a full moon, known as the thunder or the hay full moon. Later this month there is a double meteor shower and there is a celestial tango between planets Jupiter and Saturn. Just look west for the “dance”, on Monday night the moon will join them.

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