Friday Forecast, August 7, 2020


Red Flag Warnings return Friday with hot, dry, hazy and windy conditions.

The Western Slope remains hotter and drier than average as a southwesterly flow continues to influence the region with a dry push of air. That push is allowable because of our exiting high pressure system to the east/southeast. However, it is more directly related to the elongated trough of low pressure to our west and the subsequent cut off low that will be developing off the California Coast this weekend. This is a dry set up, but it will still drive in some rain potential via the mid/upper levels of the atmosphere (the surface remains too dry to allow much if any rain to the ground) and storms should begin to move off the higher elevations during the late afternoon hours through the middle of next week. Not ideal, but these late day ‘pop and drop’ storms indicate a forecast that is hot, hazy (smoke carried in from Arizona/California wildfires) and partly cloudy afternoons with some gusty outflow winds.

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