We will see one last day of mild weather on the Western Slope before snow chances move back in. Expect to see sunny skies today with cloudier skies moving in this evening. Highs for the day will be in the upper 30s to low 40s for the Grand Valley, and mid to lower 30s by the Divide. Tonight into tomorrow morning we will see light scattered snow showers move in from the north. All of the snow showers will be on the lighter side, and most snow totals for the region will be between 2-4 inches. Over the higher elevations we will see pockets reach up to 6 inches, and the valleys will see a dusting to 2 inches. The showers will linger in the southern parts of the Divide and San Juans slightly longer meaning they are expect to see the most snow. All of the Showers will clear up by the end of the day, and Sunny skies will move in for the weekend.