Yesterday’s rain showers certainly cooled down our morning lows on the Western Slope. We are seeing morning lows in the lower to mid 60s in the Grand Valley. Grand Junction is a full 10 degrees cooler than yesterday morning. The coolest spots are in the upper 40s over the Divide in Aspen and Gunnison. We will see clear skies and dry weather for the morning hours, but partly cloudy skies and scattered thunderstorms will move in this afternoon. Like usual these storms will heavily favor higher elevations over the Divide, and further south in the San Juans. Chances for the afternoon storms in the lower valleys will be around 30% chance with Montrose seeing slightly higher chances at 3pm. These scattered storms will clear up after sunset this evening. Dry westerly winds will move in overnight causing skies to begin clearing up, and rain chances to mostly dry up for the rest of the week. There will be a few chances for small light mountain showers tomorrow afternoon, but we will see dry conditions across the Western Slope by Friday. With the drier air moving in high temperatures will soar by the end of the week. Highs will reach the upper 90s in the lower valleys by the end of the work week, and we could even see some triple digit temperatures on Sunday.