We are seeing cloudy skies to start the day off on the Western Slope. Thanks to the additional cloud cover morning lows are mostly in the upper 50s for the lower valleys, and mid 40s over the higher terrain. Expect to see similar morning lows for the rest of the week. As we look to the afternoon, high temperatures will be similar to yesterday with most of the region seeing highs in the 80s. Dry conditions will stick around for the morning hours, but once we get into the afternoon we will start to see pop up rain showers over the higher elevations. These rain showers look to stay out of the lower valleys for this afternoon, but we will see chances for a few showers to pass through just before sunrise tomorrow morning. The end of Thursday morning will be dry, but scattered showers will return for the afternoon hours. The pattern of dry mornings and rainy/stormy afternoons will continue for the remainder of the week and into next week. Highs look to stay in the 80s with morning lows in the upper 50s for the next few days.