May 5, 2021 Forecast First


Clear and mild conditions rule the midweek with warmer temperatures by the week’s end.

Clear and a mostly clear sky Wednesday night will lend itself to a decent meteor shower viewing. Known as the ETA AQUARIDS, they can be seen under the dark eastern sky towards sunrise (pre-dawn 5 am). The moonrise occurs around 4 am so beat that timeline for the best viewing. The Aquarids are debris and cosmic dust from the tail of Halley’s Comet (isn’t due to pass by Earth until 2061) as it passes the sun. Dress for the cool temperatures if you head out for the sight. Temperatures should fall to near average (low 40s). The next few days will have warming temperatures and increasing wind speeds. The wind isn’t expected until Friday and will remain in the forecast through Monday. The temperatures should boost up above the average into the 80s/near 90s for the lower elevations. The unsettled weather due in for the weekend is not a rain guarantee, but clouds will be on the increase and the temperatures will lower to the averages in the 70s. These near average days this weekend should deteriorate the atmosphere enough for the bigger rain maker, a cold front due in by Monday. Cooler temperatures and better rain opportunities will exist for the start of next week as a result of this next frontal passage.

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