Peaches are Surviving the Heat


The triple-digit temperatures we have been experiencing are playing a factor in our every day lives and the heat is on for local farmers as the palisade peach festival draws closer.
“The heat really helps us build quality peaches, the heat is harder on the employees than it is on the trees,” Farm Manager, Bruce Talbott said.

Bruce Talbott explains peaches thrive from the heat because they are semi-desert crops. Higher temperatures means more water and being in a severe drought is more of a concern to these local farmers than the heat.
“It is a big concern especially in the small water shed areas where the water is more limited. We fortunately have the Colorado river, but even there we may have challenges later in the season if we don’t get some precipitation,” Talbott expresses.

After the freeze last season, Talbott farms is aware of how extreme weather conditions affect their crops. Whether there is heat or low temperatures, life finds a way. After 2020’s October freeze many peach trees are still recovering, but when it gets hot they will either collapse or continue to grow.

Talbott farm’s participates in the annual palisade peach festival but are more excited for this year’s festival after Covid cancelled the festival in 2020.

The palisade peach festival offers a major economic boost to the surrounding town’s on the western slope. as palisade chamber official, Dixie Burmeister explains the town of palisade can’t contain their excitement.
“Are we excited? You bet we are excited. the minute we found out that for sure we could have it, which was early in the spring we hit the road running getting ready,” Dixie Burmeister said.

The heat will not affect the palisade peach festival this year and as anticipation for that first bite builds, the peaches will continue to grow in the heat which may make that bite more sweeter.
“You bite into that first peach, and the juice runs down your arm and you will go, this is what I have been waiting for,” Burmeister said.

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