GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Saturday is going to P-E-R-F-E-C-T!

Saturday will briefly be under the influence of a ridge of high pressure as our Friday storm continues to track eastward into the neighboring time zones. Western Slope weather on Saturday could not be more perfect! A light wind speed, (dry conditions remain) a mostly clear sky and temperatures hitting the seasonal mark. Average afternoon highs are upper 60s/low 70s for Montrose and Grand Junction. Saturday is the day for wide brimmed sun hats, liberal use of SPF and plenty of hydration as a lot of outdoor activities are planned to make the most of these conditions. Sunrise occurs approximately 6:15 and sets just after 8 pm. Early Saturday morning, (no later than 45 mins before sunrise) look to the east for a planetary alignment of Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn. Jupiter and Venus will be the brightest objects in the sky at that time.

Sunday will go warmer, windier and still remains drier than the seasonal average. Rain deficits exist beyond the 1 1/4″ mark and climbing. Sunday will be the first of several weather systems that continue to pass by the Centennial State. Windy conditions will likely trigger more Red Flag Warnings the first week of May. Storm chances are present Sunday night, albeit on the low end percentages. The near miss storms will produce gusty winds as very little rain could be making it to the surface. Lightning will also be another hazard given the very dry conditions. Snow melt/runoff will be another hazard to be aware of as the temperatures fluctuate. Rivers and streams will go fast and cold and extreme caution is urged along the banks as they can erode or collapse. Crossing low roads covered in water is neither advisable, nor safe to do so. The next round of weather appears for the midweek followed by another during the late week. Most of the se weather systems are going to produce warmer and windier days leading into their arrivals. Unfortunately, very few of these are considered rain-makers through next week.