Saturday June 19, 2021 Forecast First


Red Flag Warnings are now posted through the weekend with a little less heat today.

Temperatures will be dipping slightly for Saturday as more mountain storms move through the region, but new hazards materialize as a result. The final day of spring 2021 will have thunderstorms popping up across the elevated sites as early as lunch and moving eastbound through the afternoon and evenings hours. Added cloud coverage will limit the heating of the day (no temperature records expected), gusty outflow winds on top of breezy conditions in place will give lightning strikes an opportunity to ignite new wildfires and spread quickly.

No/very little official rainfall is expected for the lower elevations. Rain will be present in the High Country along with some small hail, but the drought conditions continue along the exceptional category for the lower elevations. Red Flag Warnings are posted for Saturday afternoon along the entire Western Slope and into the western portions of the High Country. Lows Sunday will be mild as a result of Saturday’s storm clouds and dying t-storms. Highs on Sunday go back to the hot category.

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