GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — The wind machine continues through Friday with the arrival of a more impactful spring storm.

The end of this work week will (again) have Red Flag Warnings for the Western Slope. Add the element of the very dry conditions in place (GJ has a rain deficit approaching 1.25″) and any ignition source will likely start a wildfire. The overreaching message, please don’t be the human ignition source for wildfires. Be careful with hot engines parked over dry grasses, using machinery that sparks, errant cigarette butts or any action that could elicit a spark. The wind machine coincides with a strong cold front expected to arrive midday Friday. As such, the wind speeds ahead of it Friday morning, along and behind it Friday afternoon and evening. A Wind Advisory is in place Friday for stronger wind speeds/gusts. Showers and thunderstorms are expected across the Western Slope especially later in the day and during the evening hours. These storms that do pop up will kick off strong gusty outflow winds.

The temperatures to start Friday will still be very mild/warm and the afternoon temperatures will come crashing down with the rain. Cooler temperatures will also be in place Saturday and early Sunday. While the lower elevations will be looking at rain showers Friday and Saturday afternoons, the mountain zones will be achieving snow showers with an accumulation spread on the order of 5″-15″. Mountain snow will be falling from Friday evening through late Saturday/early Sunday. Most if not all of the mountain zones will pick up new snow and travel through the mountain corridors will be in winter mode, drive safe.