Incoming winter storm system still on track for the Western Slope.

Warm temperatures have led the pack for Tuesday. Grand Junction struck a new record high temperature with 59 degrees just after 2:30 pm December 14, 2021. Wind speeds have been going all day and as we turn the forecast into the evening/night/overnight you should anticipate stronger wind gusts. The cold front responsible for all this weather is expected just after midnight and up until then it will be little to no rain showers for the lower elevations. The rain record for GJ is just over half an inch (.61″) and this is a saturated storm system… so the opportunity is there to almost erase the -.32″ rain deficit for GJ. After the front blasts through, the colder air arrives and a mix over from rain to snow should occur before the 7:26 am sunrise. Grand Junction could be getting .50″-1.0″ of new snow while Montrose is looking slightly better with a 1-2″ spread. The storm system will be exiting the region by lunch and except for some light flurries, clearing and drying is the order of business with colder temperatures!

The Storm Team is discouraging travel, especially through the mountain zones. All roads will have winter impacts regardless of the elevation. Blowing snow will lower visibility significantly and if you can postpone your road trips please do so. The strongest wind gusts will be experienced in the higher elevations, but all areas will have 35 plus mph wind gusts through midnight and into Wednesday morning.