Wednesday July 1, 2020


The low temperatures Wednesday morning were very close to 50° readings (similar to Tuesday morning). Average low temperature for Grand Junction is 61° and Montrose 55°.

Below average afternoon temperatures are also expected across the Western Slope Wednesday afternoon with high temperatures falling just short of the norm by a handful of degrees. Light wind speeds on the order of 5-15 mph with a mostly clear afternoon. By the end of this week and into the first weekend of July, the temperatures will continue to rise above the average. Friday, Saturday and Sunday could also have an unsettled weather pattern with wind, clouds, heat and a daily storm potential.

Average high temperature for Grand Junction is 92°/Montrose 89°. Rain deficits for both sites are -1.51″ and -2.95″ respectively. Monday afternoon, Grand Junction recorded a wind gust of 44 mph, Montrose recorded a 46 mph gust.

July is a busy month for astronomy fans. First up is during the night of July 4. The full moon will pass through part of Earth’s shadow, creating a lunar eclipse that will be visible across Colorado. No telescope required, but if we have a clear sky… look up at 10:30 pm. It will also be a full moon, known as the thunder or the hay moon.

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