Tuesday November 16, 2021 Forecast First


The Western Slope should prepare for a brief hit of cold air and an extended period of dry conditions.

While the mornings thus far have been cold, technically they’ve been slightly above the averages. Seasonal low temperatures for this time of the year are in the upper 20s for Montrose and Grand Junction. Wednesday morning the temperatures will dip into the low 30s and Thursday morning they will continue diving into the middle and lower 20s. Any location that has NOT experienced the coldest lows will do so this week. It’s time to put your garden to bed for the winter! The brief drop in temperature is a response to the cold front sweeping through the state late Tuesday. This front is mostly dry and will kick the wind speeds up in the higher elevations. Some light snow will be falling, but this is isolated to the northern mountain zones and travel impacts are minimal outside of Berthoud Pass, Rabbit Ear’s Pass and McClure Pass to name a few. Friday another “light” round of northern mountain snow is anticipated, but conditions remain dry in the western/lower locations and added cloud coverage will be the biggest impact.

Western Colorado is heading into an extended period of dry weather. The dominant storm track appears to remain too far to our north to be of an value. Mostly clear days and nights are in the forecast and temperatures should be running at and slightly above the afternoon averages. The seasonal average for Grand Junction and Montrose is in the lower 50s. We will not be visiting the upper 60s and low 70s anymore, but the extended forecast is tranquil and enjoyable (if you don’t want rain/snow). The caveat to this dry statement is the potential for a cut-off low pressure system to develop in the southwest corner of the U.S. The weatherman’s whoa, The Storm Team will be tracking this potential for the middle of next week, stay tuned.

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