Tuesday September 7, 2021 Forecast First


An Air Quality Health Advisory is in place for the Western Slope.

Our current weather maker, the ridge of high pressure anchored over the western third of the U.S., is responsible for transporting the smoke from Northern California the Pacific Northwest wildfires. Just about all populated areas along western Colorado will be dealing with this smoke and haze through the end of this week. The A.Q.H.A. is a cautionary statement regarding prolonged exposure outside during this smoky period. If you are working or playing outside and visibility becomes thick in your neighborhood, it’s time to head inside. If you are outside for long periods of time these conditions to complicate/agitate respiratory issues. Please limit your time outside this week.

“Steady as she goes”. That is the weather mantra with hotter than average temperatures in the afternoon hours, dry, breezy and a mostly clear sky (smoke notwithstanding).Very little will change except for slowly/slightly increasing afternoon temperatures. Though, even those numbers could trim back a bit due to the smoke and haze limiting the solar radiation making it to the ground. Speaking of making it to the ground, no rain is expected to make it to the ground this week/weekend. There will be a pattern shift late this week due to a series of weak low pressure systems swinging out of the PACNW and moving right past Colorado. These will be enough to nudge our high pressure system off a bit and allow some precipitation to ride in beneath. This amounts to isolated mountain storms Saturday and Monday. Neither of which are expected to bring measurable rain the lower elevations. These storms will be putting lightning and gusty winds to the surface. Hazards could become wildfire starts due to the very dry conditions. Forecast doesn’t expect anything more than this late weekend shift. Temperatures should lower a bit in response. Average high temperature this time of the year in Grand Junction is 85F.

We are just 14 days away from the Autumnal Equinox!

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