It’s another sunny day on the Western Slope. Aside from hotter temperatures today is a fantastic day to go out and enjoy the outdoors. Winds will stay on the mild side with peak sustained winds in the teens. Rain chances will stay at zero percent all day today, but we will see a few light afternoon mountain showers tomorrow. Valleys will stay dry all week. High pressure and an upper level ridge will continue to lock dry and stable conditions over the Western Slope for the next few days. Highs today will be close to our records in the 80s and 90s, and we will continue to warm up as we inch closer towards the weekend. Grand Junction will break into the upper 90s tomorrow, and will potentially see a high of 99 on Friday. Montrose won’t be as hot, but still will break into the 90s for September 1st. Get ready for plenty of sunshine on the Western Slope. The next chance to see a drizzle in the valleys won’t be until the middle of next week.