Friday August 27, 2021 Forecast First

Weather Forecasts

A smoky sky will return to the Western Slope this weekend along with hotter temperatures.

The Storm Team would rather deliver a forecast that contains hotter than average temperatures, dry conditions and a clear to mostly clear pattern, but smoke will be returning via Northern California wildfires. There are no Air Quality Health Advisories in place, but please limit your prolonged activities outside. Your lungs will thank you this weekend.

Breezy conditions are also expected this weekend and any storms that do pop up will be isolated to the mountain zones along the Divide and into the San Juans. Average high temperatures for Grand Junction, late August are in the upper 80s. Montrose averages middle 80s this time of the year. All locations will NOT be setting temperature high records, but running above average through the start of next week will be the going forecast. Hotter and drier than the climatological norms.

Middle and late next week the weather pattern will change drastically. The Western Slope will have a classic monsoon pattern set up. Both weather features will establish a decent subtropical tap, driving widespread showers and thunderstorms across the region. There is going to be an amplified kicker and this new pattern (not previously experienced this summer for the Western Slope) is expected to bring some big rain showers. In addition to the eastern high/ western low “classic setup”, there will be two former hurricanes working into the mix adding even more subtropical conditions. What will be former Hurricane Ida in the Gulf of Mexico and what will be former Hurricane Nora in the Eastern Pacific. Both of these systems will be driving a lot more rain potential into our region for late next week. Hazards and impacts will be the usual suspects.

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