Friday August 6, 2021 Forecast First

Weather Forecasts

Red Flag Warnings this afternoon for dry and breezy conditions.

Temperatures will increase this afternoon along with the wind speeds as a low pressure system begins it’s approach. This will not be a “direct hit” for the Centennial State, but ahead of this feature the wind speeds will gust up to the 35-45 mph zone by the end of the afternoon. We’re talking about a low pressure system with a dry frontal passage. That is, there will be no rain showers as this low pressure system passes the state to our north. Added cloud coverage, hot temperatures and Red Flag Warnings for dry conditions and wind speeds greater than 25 mph are the direct impacts. The RFW expires at 8 pm Friday August 6, 2021. Once this front passes the region on Saturday, expect lowered temperatures. Unfortunately there will still be smoke and haze lingering.

Several more low pressure systems will continue to pass the state in the northern latitudes and these will suppress our high pressure system. This zonal pattern will push the high further south and totally eliminating the chance for a returning monsoon plume this weekend or for the beginning of next week. The series of passing lows to our north may continue into/through next week and that would also eliminate any direct monsoonal surges. This is still a little too far into the extended forecast, but all signs are suggesting this will be our pattern through next week if it does not drastically change. A hot, dry and sunny pattern as we progress through the beginning of August.

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